Race of Life

freddie-marriage-65874He was running and running as if I was in a race; as if flesh eating hounds were unleashed and chasing him. Though he was putting all the efforts, he was weighed down with something. Something that was not visible yet cannot deny the fact that it was pulling him down. There were signs of frustration, determination and exhaustion which showed that he had been on this race for a long time.

He seemed like a man who was battling hard, trying his bestest to not give up, not to slow down, not to accept the defeat he was so near to. All of this because he knew that the moment he gives up and admits his defeat in his battle against life, everything that he’s been doing will go for naught. It would all be a waste of energy, time and most importantly his life.

So he continues, be it the scorching heat or winter storms; he does not stop, continues without a break and desperately trying to keep up with life. But that’s the hard fact with life; you can never win over it. No matter how good you are, you will always be a step behind. There will always come a time where you will accept your defeat and finally lose. Then only you will understand that it was never a race worth winning but worth running.

So he runs, with all his might, till he comes face to face with the bitter truth and realizes life’s many flaws and injustices that he’s been deceived. That it was all a mirage from the beginning. He was after something that was never meant to be achieved and never meant to be his anyways. Whenever he thought things were within his reach and he was about to grasp it, it would slip away just like the slippery sand from the fingers. The tighter you try to hold it, the quicker you lose. And so does life.

It is hard and tough to understand our ultimate purpose. It was never to win over life. It was, from the beginning, to run, chase and keep up with the life. No matter how hard we push ourselves, in the end it will remain out of our grasp. It’s a race we started from 2nd and will end up at the same spot, when we reach the ultimate end, death.

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