Mountain worth the Climb?


All was quiet except for the crunching sound of dry leaves under my feet and the air rushing through the woods. Exhausted, I was almost on the top yet so far. The final stretch approached, the trail got steep and dangerous. But I said to myself, ‘This is my mountain and I will climb it’. The looked at the dancing trees to the whistling of the wind, the humming of birds guiding the visitors and the scattered light that filters through the trees when sun shines.  And I was here, on the top, conquering this massive, magnificent piece of art by Mother Nature. I feel weightless and innocent, just admiring the beauty in its purest form. Finally I was here, admiring the great Himalayan range and watch the sun going down the horizon. And as I recall my way to the top, I was able to understand the gist of my journey.

There is a mountain ahead of us, waiting to be conquered. The summit, only imagined, bears the fruit of one’s efforts to reach the top through the dangerous road. The paths to the top are not fixed, and can be changed per your convenience. But as soon as you start, fog builds around it causing you to lose the sight of it. It’s not long before we start forgetting the idea of conquering it while the mountains waits for you like a lover on first date. Tough roads are covered one step at a time but here we are, at the base of this fog, which has blurred out vision and end up living our lives at the base of it.

And then arises few, on basis of their instinct, bravery and urge to explore, try scaling the mountain through the fog. Out of them, there are some who takes wrong path and goes in circles. This messes their mind and they end up believing that they have full view of the world. Then there are those who give up mid-way as the roads get tougher. They either stop at their spot, pitying on the people below who didn’t even try or go back to them. Worst are the ones, who changes their path so often as it gets hard. For them, they have found easy way to reach the top without the hardships of the road and the journey. What they don’t realize is all roads merge as they reach the summit and there is no easy way out.

But there are few, the rare ones, who, have prevailed through the never ending storm and dangerous path leading them to the top. They are now on the top seeing the world as it is. They scale down and share their journey with others, with all, without discrimination. There are people, who are inspired to be just like them and many who don’t care and are busy living at the base. And that was it, the thought. When tired and down, we should sit and consider our options. Try seeing through the fog covering the summit from your sights. No one said it is going to be easy, but yes, it is going to be worth the effort. Walking our own path to the top, facing own dangers and recovering from them. No matter how much others tell you how to reach the top easily, it is you, who needs to make the walk. The walk on the road, filled with self-doubts, feeling of giving up, contemplating the outcome and the fruit. But once you are on the top, all will be revealed.

Such is life. We see the future, the summit and can’t wait to get there. But as we embark on the journey, the roads get tough. Most people quit in the beginning and some keep going. Some change their lanes to get to the future fastest but end up back to the starting point. Only the focused ones, who have imagined the summit in their head loud and clear, reach the top and celebrate life.

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