Patience’s a Virtue

842x342-H2H-Begin-the-year-with-patience-and-gracePatience is a quality that we seem to forget or ignore. As we evolve, we grow impatient every minute. Be it while standing in queues for tickets or stuck in traffic and waiting for lights to change. In a literal sense, patience is defined as the person’s capability to accept and tolerate the delay without getting upset about it. But do we take the pain to understand the deeper meaning within? Word Patience implies the willingness to stay in the present and living it to fullest with a belief that something good will happen to us when the time is right.

We are, all, born in a world of preference. A world where, in order to be successful, patience and tolerance is the key. It is often we hear the phrase “Have Patience”. Don’t we all? Something we will tell others, but find it hard to be patient ourselves. In life, we all have desires and goals that we would like to achieve. Some of these may be with our career and some regarding family. When things stop moving in the direction we want, we create a negative outlook on life. Even though we are short of what we need and not where we want to be, we still have many things to be thankful for.

People are often frustrated with the current circumstances in their lives; this may be due to their past choices or were just ill-fated to be in that situation. Our whole view on life changes basis the situation and circumstances we are in. I can dream of being wealthy, buy big houses, cars and go on vacations. I might wish to become an athlete or entertainer that everyone knows or have a family. That might not have happened yet, but my attitude during the wait is what will determine what the outcome will be.

9241389893_221ac313bc_zYou may have everything you want in life currently and thus, may not understand how tough life is for others. Have you ever wondered why some people break the law to get what they want? That is because of the lack of patience in them. Their current circumstances have not allowed them to hope while being patient and hence, they seek a quick fix by breaking the law. Why risk the rest of your life for a quick fix, which will ultimately leave you back at square one?

Sometimes we rush things. We want to get somewhere earlier than we should and we get there. But then what? We do not know, because we have not thought it through. We have not thought about the potential outcome or the future. We were so focused on reaching there that we thought only about the Present. Why there are speed humps on the road? To prevent us from going faster than we should, to avoid a potential accident.

Everyone wants a pat on the back and is difficult to get one when things are not going well, but if you stay on the right track and work hard, you will realize the benefits in the end. Good fortune does not just fall from the sky into our laps. At times, life can be tough, very tough and at that very moment, we need to be tough in our mind and understand that we have to work hard to change our fortunes. One should learn to behave well in a tough situation; be polite, humble and most importantly PATIENT.


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