“I still love you…”

Sometimes loving you from all my heart is not enough,

Sometimes being loyal with you be of any worth,

How hard I cry, it won’t really matter,

She would never notice my heart that’s completely shattered…

I am in a shrill pain of the unseen wounds,

Trying to figure out whether any medicine would ever be a boon?

After all the possible ways to make you stay,

Whether it was to change myself or mend my way…

You said that I no longer have a space in your life,

And it’s better for me to search for some other reasons to be alive…

Ok! Dear I will move away from you…

So much far that my existence in your life will have no clue!

You will soon be able to wash my memories away,

And replace me with much more better things of this world’s bay!

But one thing that would always be in your possession,

A memoir that could have no other substitution…

That would be my HEART that you had once taken away,

And promised to treasure it till the doom’s day!

Do have a look someday on that meaningless thing,

You will always find your presence in each of its limbs…

You will find something written if you carefully view,

It says, “Dear, I still love you…”

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